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If  you are searching for healing and recovery, there is a lot of help out there. And it all begins in the mind as you DECIDE to look for it. But there is so much available that you have to discern. Here, I give  you the benefit of 5 years of my searching, and what I found to be helpful; sometimes profoundly so.


As someone who has desperately sought recovery, healing, normalcy and repair in my body, I know now that you need healing in the mind, heart and spirit as well to get it.

Even if you currently feel great, know that growing the seeds of wellness are of the utmost importance, always.


My journey led me to the most amazing healers and teachers. On this free web site, I will share with you everyone I found along the way that I think truly made a difference in my quest for healing, health and quality of life.


There were times when I wondered if I was knocking on heaven's door. It took finding many, many special people.  Here, I will introduce you straight to them.

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“for whatever you take into your mind can grow there. Therefore take the best into your mind and only that. Nurture it, concentrate on it, emphasize it, visualize it, prayerize it, surround it with faith. Make it your obsession. 

                                                                                                             Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. “

                                                                                                     The Power of Positive Thinking.”

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