My Top Picks

Walking , and especially in Nature

A group of researchers from Stanford University thought the nature effect might have something to do with reducing rumination. Rumination is what happens when you get really sad or hopeless, and you can’t stop thinking about your glumness and what’s causing it.  Rumination shows up as increased activity in a brain region called the subgenual prefrontal cortex, a narrow band in the lower part of the brain that regulates negative emotions. If rumination continues for too long unabated, depression and illness can set it.

Nature is the best.... but in the winter I walk and walk and walk in the mall or at the gym. If you can walk, you are so ahead of the game.

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There are all kinds of styles and practices. Power Yoga, gentle yoga, chair yoga, restorative yoga. Truly, there is something for everyone.

I created a free Youtube channel with tons of FREE yoga and workout for people of every level. Click the pics on the left and below to visit my channel, Vitalicious with Cathy Roe,  and take any of these classes for free.

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Fitness and Workouts

On my free Youtube channel, Vitalicious with Cathy Roe, I have many FREE workouts for people of various levels, but mostly for those in recovery or over 50. Click the pics on the left and below to visit my channel and take any of these classes for free

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