About me, Cathy Roe

In my mind I am still a dancer. I dream it every night. In my body... well, it's trying to make a come back.​

I used to leap everywhere, literally.  This picture was taken while waiting for a dinner reservation.


Then it became the cover of my book, Leaping Over the Abyss.  Visualizing Leaping over an abyss was the only leap I could do. Healing... not looking down.... staying air born until I can land on the other side.

Cathy leap in boots.jpg

How did I ever end up so immobile? So sick?  It took a lot of well meaning but bad choices. By the time I was bedridden, I had earned myself:

  • A Brain Tumor (benign but still a brain tumor hitting way too much stuff)

  • Chronic abdominal pain and diverticulitis

  • A blown knee (out of nowhere) that left me unable to walk

  • Chronic back pain 

  • Vertigo

  • Hemi-facial Spasms

  • Constant jaw pain and TMJ

  • Chronic Fatigue, exhaustion

  • Osteoporosis

Then, the grief of losing my dad took it over the top. I was staring in to the abyss and not even considering trying to leap over it. 

So how am I turning it around? I had to decide to. That's the first step. Deciding. 

As it unfolded for me, I followed this path:

  • Identify the stress and eliminate it.  (which resulted in selling my business and getting grief therapy)

  • Explore every avenue to alternative healing, since western medicine wasn't enough

Every page on this web site fast tracks you to what it took me years to find.

the mind garden.jpg

Isn't the garden a great metaphor? You get to think things like:


Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds.


 Pull out the weeds.


Maybe you need a bigger pot.

Just because you look withered doesn't mean you wont make a come back