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The Big 4





but maybe not in the way you think. 

IWe've all heard it; to heal a person, you have to treat the WHOLE person. Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit.


I never met an M.D. or surgeon who even mentioned it. They mostly just put stuff in (pharmaceuticals) or take stuff out of the body. So, how can we find it? The way to treat our WHOLE selves? Takes a lot of looking, but here is a short cut to some answers:


Every moment of every day your heart is sending signals to your brain that will release chemicals that greatly influence  health and healing.

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Gregg Braden and the Heart Mind Connection

Gregg Braden is a world renowned scientist and author with research that extends globally.

He tells us how the heart is surrounded by an electromagnetic field (which is measurable) and how it is the heart that sends information to the brain every minute of every day that releases chemicals that greatly influence our health and healing.

You can see one of many videos like this one on youtube

He has a magnificent series on Gaia TV ( see the "On Line Courses page on this web site for Gaia TV) called The Missing Links. Absolutely mind blowing. For the episode about the Heart-Brain Union do this:

Go to Gaia TV.

Search for The Missing Links.

Go to season one, episode 11. Prepare to have your jaw drop.

Then watch episode 12 called Triggering Self Healing.

Greg Braden's web site is


The HeartMath Institute

Did you know there are actually brain cells in your heart? ( I didn't) This is a new discovery; there are approx. 40,000 brain cells in an area of the heart that act independently from the brain. And apparently, your heart sends much more info to your brain than the other way around. But don't take my word for it......

There are places and practitioners that can train us and help us to have more brain-heart coherence. And this is one of the miracle healing techniques of our modern age, although your doc probably won't tell you about it. (they probably don't even know about it).

I found a certified HeartMath coach and trainer at the Acupuncture Center of SW Michigan. If that is near you, the info is on this page:

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Carolyn Myss

Dr. Myss has a lot to say on this subject. Her book is pretty wonderful and you can get it as an audio book as well



Explore the links between sacred texts, the human energy system, and the power to heal.

I liked better, though, her interview with Oprah on SuperSoul Sunday. Kind of cuts to the chase. Here is a link to the podcast:

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Mind To Matter

Please just read this book.....

This is one of the most powerful and amazing books I've ever read. 

Before I ever read it, I had watched many Dawson Church and Dr. Joe Dispenza videos on youtube, so I was primed when I read it. Otherwise, I think I would have missed a lot. Even though written by Dawson Church, the Dr. Joe videos were the one's that helped me relate to the book the most.

Videos by both Dawson Church and Joe Dispenza are on the video page of this web site.

The fact that this book is SCIENCE impacted my belief system greatly. I'm all in for blind faith, but scientific research for back up is pretty doggone amazing. 

Click here to findit on Amazon.