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Okay, I know everyone is reading Ekart Tolle, Depaak Chorpra and much headier books, but these are the books that truthfully helped me the most.

My Top Picks
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Basic Principles of the Science of Mind

Home Study Course

This is where it started. I read and re-read this book about the mind, manifestation and relationship to God. (or Buddah, or the Universe, or The Matrix, or Allah... whatever you want to call it)

After the second time I read it, I put the book down and did (again) the meditation I designed that would result in selling my business. Then, I got up and sent out an email to many business owners in my field. Within 2 months, my business was sold and for a price that I can live on for many years. 

Coincidence? No way. It's a very powerful book, and  takes a lot of work to get through it. 

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Mind To Matter

This is one of the most powerful and amazing books I've ever read. 

Before I ever read it, I had watched many Dawson Church and Dr. Joe Dispenza videos on youtube, so I was primed when I read it. Otherwise, I think I would have missed a lot. Even though written by Dawson Church, the Dr. Joe videos were the one's that helped me relate to the book the most.

Videos by both Dawson Church and Joe Dispenza are on the video page of this web site.

The fact that this book is SCIENCE impacted my belief system greatly. I'm all in for blind faith, but scientific research for back up is pretty doggone amazing. 

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Becoming Supernatural

There is not enough I can say about the greatness of Dr. Joe Dispenza and his work.

Just read the book. 

It helps to watch some of his videos on youtube first. I have links on the video page and also the on-line courses page of this web site.

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Radiant Health, Ageless Beauty

Dr. Christine Horner, says no matter what you were dealt in the genetic lottery—and no matter what your age—you can enjoy a long life of radiant health and ageless beauty. And it can be simple, fun, and adventurous. Using the principals of Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old system of medicine, along with the latest cutting-edge research, Dr. Horner tells you exactly what you need to avoid and what you need to embrace to experience extraordinary health and longevity.

Radiant Health, Ageless Beauty sums up with Dr. Horner’s 30-Day program for extraordinary health, beauty, and longevity.


Although it is taking me MUCH LONGER than 30 days, (more like a year....) there is very much in this book to inspire and heal. 


An extensive resource section lists contacts for obtaining all the foods, supplements, products and programs that can stack all the odds in your favor of enjoying a long life and staying vibrant, strong, and happy.

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The Power of Positive Thinking

I know it's old fashioned and as such is easily dismissed, but hey.... the guy didn't sell a jazillion copies for no reason.

I was at a summer beach house to rest, and this book was on the shelf with a hundred old, dusty books. I can't believe my hand went right to it. I think it was divine intervention.

This book was so early on in my healing journey, but it was profoundly inspiring, hopeful and helpful. 

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Why People Don't Heal

And How They Can

I actually didn't read the book, but listened to the audio book. ( I think it's a bit different).

Wow, tough to hear. Caroline Myss doesn't mess around with diplomacy, she just hits you BAM! with stuff that's pretty hard to hear.

I cried the whole time I listened (the first time). Then I started to try to work on what she was suggesting. I admit, it also took seeing a therapist to talk these things over. 

Who knew the subconscious was such a vast, deep place that can hold your health hostage? Well, I guess a lot of therapist know, but I didn't. 

This book got me over the hump. Hard as it was. 

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Medical Medium

I admit... it's really kind of "out there".

But, it has some "think out of the box" strategies to healing, and some that might really work when nothing else does.

The one thing I got from this book that I have done every day since the two years ago that I read it, is to eat wild blueberries. He tells you why..... 

So, so much is about diet, and I also have his book Life Changing Foods.

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